Standby Crew

Our motto is “No one will be left out” meaning if a student isn’t destined to perform we will find a part of the program that does

Commercial style music studio based in New York, Bronx.Students will acquire skills and knowledge in Music Composition, Recording & Production Hardware and Software, Copyright Law and Distribution.
A free service which is accessible by all.High quality teaching of music production can be accessed by creative people who cannot afford to perfect their craft via traditional methods.Provides a creative and positively encouraging environment for young people.
Highly educated, professional teaching team who can cater to a broad range of music tastes and aspirations.
A free service to all pupils irrespective of ethnicity, gender, income level.Students will be able to build portfolios of music and social media content, monetise their content and look to set up events.
The service will encourage the creative arts in the region.

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